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Getting started is easy

We make it easy for you to get started and to be found by organizations looking for board members as well as recruiters. Get going with five simple steps:
  1. Sign up for a membership package
  2. Complete your first Board Resume using the form provided
  3. Access advertised vacancies, research the organizations, and apply with one click
  4. Set up vacancy alerts, keep track on your dashboard
  5. Upgrade your competencies and profile through our tips, courses and tools throughout the year.

People are looking

Our service is new and we are only beginning to help organizations professionalize the search process. So don't be put off by the fact that at present there are few organizations listed as seeking board members. We are in touch with many organizations and they are considering and preparing to list their vacancies. During this time they, and many recruiters,  are actively looking and we anticipate that they will advertise their positions publicly soon. Over time the number of advertised positions will grow, but one thing will remain constant:
You will only be found by the right organizations once you clearly state what you stand for!

Be selective

Serving on a board can be rewarding. Though this reward may not always include financial rewards, board members have the power to shape organizations, make impacts, and help organizations fulfil their purpose. To reap these rewards you need to ensure that the following is true:
  • You are passionate about the purpose of the organization - the value it is seeking to generate
  • You have the competencies being sought
  • Your personal values overlap with those of the organization
  • The organization is governed well (or has demonstrably committed to getting there)
Our listing forms help organizations easily create advertisements with all the necessary information for board positions. However, we advise you to research the organizations, through your interactions with the nomination and selection committees. You should interview them as well to ensure there is a good fit and the above points are satisfied. As a Governance Mandates member, you will receive specific guidance on what information you should expect to receive from the organization as you progress through the selection process.