Our Purpose

The purpose of Governance Mandates is to support leaders build governing bodies that lead organizations to fulfill their true and highest purpose.

We do this by helping responsible organizations attract the right people for their governing bodies and for passionate, talented, and competent people to find the right organizations within which they can sustainably contribute to well-being by fulfilling the organization's and their own purpose. 

Why Governance Mandates

Organizations are all around us and we are dependent on them. They are the vehicles through which much that we value is generated. When people come together around a common purpose they can achieve extraordinary things!

Organizations also contribute to a lot of the degradation of the natural environment as well as discrimination, inequality, and other ills. Governing bodies are responsible for both - achieving the good and avoiding the bad outcomes.


The purpose of Governance Mandates is to help responsible organizations attract the right people for their governing bodies and for the passionate, talented, competent people to find the right organizations within which they can fulfil their own purpose.

Governance is critical for all type of organizations

All organizations need to be governed, but not all organizations require "corporate governance". Applying the wrong methods and processes wastes time, energy, and leads to bad outcomes.


That is why it is important for organizations to understand what they need and advertise so as to attract the right kind of person and for candidates to be clear about what they are seeking and where they are likely to find it.


Non-executive governing body members are sought by many types of organization - many of them public or government-related. Governance Mandates is purposefully catering to all types of organizations and all types of governing body members because they are all important for our societies to work well.

Easy and effective

Governance Mandates brings together two complementary services:

  1. we help organizations develop clear and requisite specifications of the candidates they are seeking and
  2. we help candidates create requisite governance or board resumes that companies and recruiters can find

Both parties can then contact one-another directly and determine if they are a good fit.

Who we are

Governance Mandates is part of Syntegra-ESG Ltd. We are an organizational consultancy firm dedicated to helping leaders build energetic and sustainable societies through healthy organizations and fulfilled individuals. 


Our strategic partner and collaborators in Governance Mandates is Rockpools - leading global executive resourcing & consulting firm. 

Our leadership team

We believe that collaboration and partnerships are more important for success than competition.

Dr Axel Kravatzky

Founder, Director

Axel is Managing Director of Syntegra-ESG.  Over the past 20 years he has lead numerous engagements in Corporate Governance, Strategy Development, Leadership Coaching, and Change Implementation. He has worked with clients in the private and public sector, mostly in the Caribbean and Europe.

     Axel was the founding Chairman of the Caribbean Corporate Governance Institute, served for more than six years on the board of directors of Director for United World Colleges, as well as its Council

     Since 2017 Axel is the co-convenor of ISO/TC309/WG1 which is developing the new foundational standard ISO37000 "Guidance on the Governance of Organizations", and he serves as editor of the standard as well. Axel is also the Chair of Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standard's National Mirror Committee (NMC) for ISO Technical Committee 309 Governance of Organizations

    In 2021 Axel has been appointed twinned Vice Chair of ISO/TC309 Governance of organizations.

    Axel is an alumnus of UWC-USA and the London School of Economics and Political Science where he earned a PhD, Development Studies & Operations Research, MSc, Economics & Development Studies, BSc, Economics and Philosophy. He has received extensive training in various areas of Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Risk Management, has been an active member of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), the European Corporate Governance Institute, has published in the field of corporate governance, and received a license by the Global Corporate Governance Forum (GCGF) to train Directors in Board Leadership. 

Mohan Yogendran

Director, Rockpools

Much of Mohan’s work is in international and emerging markets, and he has recruited to a number of positions in the Caribbean where his searches have combined identifying potentially relevant candidates in the Caribbean markets, in the Caribbean Diaspora, and amongst international professionals who may be enticed to move to the Caribbean. He has also over the past ten years worked extensively for clients in Africa, particularly in West Africa.


Prior to Rockpools, he was Recruitment Director at EY in the UK focusing on senior hires and supporting the development of new client offerings from scratch. In his earlier career, he was at PwC in their Executive Search & Selection practice after working in HR in local government. He started his career at a Race Equality Council, and his work for clients continues to be integrally informed by diversity and inclusion considerations. An Economics graduate from Cambridge University, he has a Masters in Race Relations from Bristol University and is a Corporate Member of the CIPD. He was a Board Member and People Committee Chair of Notting Hill Housing Group one of the UK’s largest social housing charities. Mohan is active in his local church, has a passionate interest in soul and jazz music, and plays keyboards in two bands. He is married with two daughters who are in their early twenties.

About Syntegra

We have also conducted numerous organizational governance consultancies for many types of organization. These included Water Utilities, Water Resource Regulators, Integrity Commission, various types of Statutory Bodies, Insurance Companies, Banks, Credit Unions, Non-Profit Organizations, State-Owned Enterprises, Manufacturing Companies etc. For many of these, we created board profiles, competency matrices, governing body job specifications, board evaluations, induction programmes etc.



In 2016 we lead a World Bank financed signature consultancy for the Ministry of Public Finance in Romania. We wrote the regulations and developed the processes that all State-Owned organizations in Romania must follow in recruiting directors - from assessing what is needed to initiating the search process to selection and appointment. We applied to his process to a number of pilot organizations in Romania and subsequently trained numerous Ministries.




About Rockpools

Rockpools is global retained executive recruitment firm based in the UK which works across private, public and not for profit sectors on senior executive hires and non-executive hires.  The firm is 15 years old, and the work that they do straddles disciplines, sectors and geographies.  Their website is www.rockpools.com